Tenant Fit-Up

Tenant Fit-Up

Brielle Developers has been fitting up tenant units in commercial and retail buildings for many years and we can help you fit out or refurbish space for all kinds of uses. 

If you have a building with unused space that seems to be going to waste, consider a building and design team that can transform it into a retail outlet, a store-front unit or a business office. Look no further than Brielle Developers.

You may be the building owner and you want to convert to various units that will attract tenants. We can turn that unused space into rental gold. On the other hand, you may have just rented space in a commercial building, but it is up to you to fit it out into a place of business that will impress customers and clients.

Fitting out is essentially about equipping something with the necessities it will take to give that something a purpose. It may have different applications in manufacturing or a clothing store, for instance, but for a building contractor it means that you start with a large room, for example, that serves no purpose except for storage. Then you work your magic and transform it into something that serves a need that would be useful for a specific tenant. It may include adding rooms, bathroom closets, shelf space or specific renovations pertinent to the type of space being leased .

Commercial leases are typically in buildings with no retail activity or any type of buying or selling to the public. That might include an industrial site, warehouse or a commercial office.

Retail leases are generally for businesses that are permitted to sell goods on the premises. These may include shopping plazas or storefronts of buildings that are typically included in downtown business districts or along so-called commercial strips, which may include everything from restaurants to insurance agencies.

Experts at Tenant Fix-Ups

Tenant fix-up projects are among our specialties, and our experience and professionalism are as important as in any of commercial and home construction and renovation projects we do. Additionally, the contractor is under the gun to meet the project deadline, because not doing so can cut into the profits of a leasing business or the landlord leasing the space.

If you are the owner of a commercial building or a tenant considering renting space in a retail or commercial building, you need the services of a company that can step in and do the job with a minimum of wasted time. As with any of our projects, the team at Brielle Developers will make sure we’re on the same page with the design and implementation of your company’s dream commercial or retail space,

We have the experience, expertise and vision to help you fit-out the space that works best with your particular business model. 

We have not only helped renters get their store fronts and offices up and running, we own as well as manage several investment properties and have first-hand experience in the tenant fit-up business.


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