New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction

The dream house envisioned by many Americans is one that is custom-built, an extension of their own personality and individuality. In other words, it is part of you, reflecting the uniqueness of you, your family and your lifestyle and not a cookie-cutter building like hundreds of others around you.  You need a home builder who can capture all of that, with the commitment to stay on task, working closely with you from start to finish.

Let’s face it.  Most building contractors just don’t have the dedication, expertise, and experience to make the home of your dreams a reality. The staffs and carpenters of some construction companies often lack the knowledge and skills to plan, design and build a custom home down to the last detail. 

Potential homeowners in New Jersey and adjacent areas need look no further than Brielle Developers to custom build the new home they’ve always wanted. That’s why we are here to build the home of your dreams. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to building a custom home, which by definition is designed for a specific client working closely with a professional designer. We have an outstanding support staff and work with top-flight architects for the design that fits your dream.

Commitment to the Entire Home Building Process

When we talk about commitment, it means we take responsibility for the entire house-building process, making client satisfaction from start to finish our top priority. Your house is your domain, your shelter and your refuge, and we’ll give you the peace of mind throughout all phases of the project— from laying the foundation to constructing the roof.  We strive to meet your preferences and requirements along every step of the planning and building process.

We believe this commitment is ultimately what sets us apart from other custom home building contractors in New Jersey.

We like to call what we do “walking you through your home construction journey.” It is a journey literally and figuratively, and it can be a scary one considering the financial investment and its impact on your life, present and future. In order to take that walk together we understand that it is essential to gain your trust and keep the channels of communication open throughout the entire process.

The relationship between client and contractor ensures success. That’s why you might say our motto is: “We build relationships, not just homes!”

Obviously, a meaningful relationship is two-sided, and we respect and appreciate the input of our clients throughout the construction process. We look forward to working with you and we believe you’ll love working with us.

Even though we set our standards high and emphasize customer satisfaction, we think you will find us to be affordable and that’s a major reason for the reputation we have as an outstanding builder of custom homes. 

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At Brielle Developers, they are proud to have earned a stellar reputation over time from the exceptional work delivered on home elevations, house shoring, and foundation raising.